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Specializing in female body waxinG

and phyto based skin care

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Fleur's Facial Services

A blend of performance and pleasure to the senses in personalized spa treatments, adapted to each skin type.  An ultimate floral beauty experience is given using the only professional brand that highlights the power of flowers in their scientific, poetic and sensory dimension.

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Ladies Waxing Services

A variety of body waxing services using low temperature waxes.  These innovative wax formulas allow for low temperature speed waxing that leaves skin smooth and hair free.

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MONAT is a botanically based hair care line that is formulated to enlarge the bulb and decrease premature shedding.  To provide follicle rejuvenation to increase size of hair and to provide nourishment to your growing hair strands thus increasing shine, volume and over all healthier hair.


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About Us

Lady Wax ~ Body Wax Studio is a small one woman business owned by Theresa Y. Mulkey.  She is located at the Tudor Professional Building.  Theresa has been an esthetician for almost ten years.  Her passion for skin and skin care started after working at a local health food store's vitamin and body care department.  She furthered her knowledge in the health and beauty industry by obtaining her license in Esthetics back in 2008.  Theresa's focus is in female body waxing and she continues to love, study and share her interest in the science of phyto based skin care.

Skin care is a passion for Theresa and she provides skin care consultations and will create treatment plans and recommendations for you to follow.   If necessary, she will also refer clients to professionals in the medical industry depending on their concerns. This would be dermatologists, medical doctors and/or naturopaths.